Introduction of System

As a comprehensive travel app solution, ‘TCPS Travel APP’ can offer you various services like: real-time public transport, electronic ticket, NFC public transportation card value recharge & inquiry, custom bus, weather forecast, etc.

Structure of System

Functions of System

Real-time Bus Module
It provides accurate bus information and detailed travel plan for users.
Real-time Bus: The users can check the real-time position of the bus on this route; The real-time position information can be displayed through real map and virtual map.
Bus Inquiry: It can provide the most accurate bus routes, stations and transfer information for users .
Bus Announcement: The enterprise announcements can be pushed instantly, in order to provide bus or route related information for various passengers reference.
Bus Arrival Reminder: The system will remind the passengers by means of ringing or vibration, in order to prevent missing the station.
Surrounding Stations: The distribution condition of surrounding bus stations can be checked and displayed through the map.
Collection Management: The frequently-used stations, routes and transfer plan will be collected in order for future inquiry.

E-Ticket Module
The QR code can be generated through mobile phone APP, the users can scan the QR code to take the bus. This payment mode can replace the traditional paper tickets ( bus/train tickets).

Taxi Service Module
It can search a certain quantity of idle taxis locating within a certain circumference range, and the final selected taxi will be reflected on the map.

Custom Bus
This module is mainly aimed at the morning and evening commuters, help them arrange business shuttle bus.

IC Card Value Recharge Module
Through this module, the following functions can be achieved including balance consulting, transaction records inquiry, value recharge inquiry, consumption recording, and IC card selling & value recharge, etc.

Features of System
  • The user interface adopts BS pattern; The interface layout adjustment can be flexibly realized; it is easy for customer to realize personalized customization;
  • The system has rich functions, and each module is able to independently operate without affecting other modules’ operation;
  • The design of modular integration framework can fast realize the customization of function modules;
  • High advancement, practicality, accuracy, scalability and maintenance.

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