Taxi Comprehensive Management System

Introduction of System

Taxi comprehensive management system is a integrated system solution that is able to help taxi companies to fulfill the overall monitoring and management on the operations of taxi. This system has combined with the following functions like: GPS monitoring, audio/video monitoring, taxi service booking, taxi management, drivers management and irregular taxi alarm and so on. During the operation process of the taxi, the system will fully monitor the service process of taxi, and especially focus on the supervision over the taxi empty travel / passenger carrying condition, driving routes, and operation charges. It will effectively eradicate the taxi drivers’ irregular behaviors like: driving without using the taxi meter, providing services to different groups of passengers at the same time, refusing to provide service, driving with a unreasonable long route and etc. Along with the gradually improving service, a efficient, strict and safe taxi operation pattern can be assured, the management and service level of the taxi companies can be improved a lot.

Functions of System

1.Real-time Monitoring and Management

  • Taxi running monitoring: Establish a real-time, accurate, perfect and intelligent taxi system solution in order to realize the tracking, display and alarming on taxi operation status; Ensure the taxi regulators are able to obtain actual operation status in time.
  • Taxi Management System: According to the real-time feedback information obtained from the system including the information of taxi’s position, video and alarming and etc, the taxi regulators can carry out the diversity management like: integral/regional taxi scheduling, centralized place scheduling, and decentralized scheduling over vacant taxis, etc, ensure the taxi operation is more reasonable and optimized.
  • Alarm on taxi’s irregular operation.
  • Historical track playback of taxi.
  • Historical playback of taxi flow.

2.Video Monitoring of Taxi

  • Real-time Video Check:It is able to check the real-time videos both inside and outside of the taxi by through 3G/4G network, learn the conditions of on-board passengers and road, the final purpose is to realize real-time tracking on taxi operation and road conditions.
  • Historical videos playback: The high-definition videos, which have been saved into the onboard equipment, can be accessed by means of online or local downloading; The videos are able to provide convincing evidences for resolving operating disputes, illegal operations, vehicle accidents etc.

3. Taxi service booking through network/ telephone reservation
4.Supervision on charging: The system will supervise every income from all of taxis, fully obtain the income data of taxi.
5.Supervision on taxi empty driving, passengers carrying, taxi shared condition: The system will supervise all taxis’ operation conditions at any time such as: taxi empty driving, passengers carrying condition.
6.Statistics & Analysis System

  • Supervision on operation income: The system will calculate the operation income based on the background simulation, and the operation income obtained from background simulation will be compared with the actual income. Through making statistic and analysis, the drivers with abnormal income can be found, the final purpose is to realize supervision on operation income.
  • Operation Income Analysis: it is able to accurately learn the income and expenditure of the taxi companies, scientifically and efficiently analyze the economic benefits, provide decision-making evidences for enterprise operation and planning.
  • Operation Efficiency Analysis: It is able to accurately obtain the mileages data separately from carrying the passengers and empty driving during the daily operation, make a detailed analysis on taxi’s operation efficiency based on operation time and mileages, provide a analysis basis for taxi company’s high-efficiency operation.
  • Irregular Operation Analysis:Make a analysis on irregular taxi operation; and help to correct the drivers’ irregular behaviors according to the analysis results; make it as an important reward/punishment basis for driver assessment.
  • Reservation Statistic Analysis: Make a analysis on business order volumes separately from network and telephone bookings, as well as average mileage utilization; Make a analysis on relationship between business volumes and drivers’ income; Make a summary on the contributions that the taxi service booking has made to the drivers’ income;

7.Onboard Terminal System

  • It adopts high-performance on-board dispatching & monitoring terminal, the positioning of the taxi can be accurately obtained ; the perfect function design can provide users with a convenient and efficient human-machine-interface; The system is capable of providing the following functions such as: automatic reminder on irregular operation, dispatching instruction reception, driver information delivery, voice communication with dispatch center, video/audio monitoring on both inside and outside of the taxi, audio/video recording during the operation of taxi, wireless transmission of operation data through 3G/4G, taxi empty driving, monitoring of passengers carrying etc.

Features of System:
  • A total solution for taxi management.
  • Overall?supervision?for?taxi management.
  • Changing the traditional taxi management mode to enter a controllable detailed taxi management era.
  • Overall supervision on illegal & irregular behaviors during taxi operation.
  • Providing authentic data for company operations by profound enterprise-level analysis.

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