‘TCPAY Online’ IC Card Online Recharge Platform

Introduction of System

‘TCPAY Online’ IC Card Online Recharge Platform is a self-developed online recharge system built by TCPS. Based on TSM application platform, this system uses traditional/mobile internet technologies and incorporates mobile phone client to provide E-commerce operation for public transportation users, like: IC card online value recharge, payment, balance consulting and etc.

Structure of System

Functions of System

Through this platform, the public transportation IC card users can accomplish the following operations through mobile phone or self-service terminal, such as online recharge, complementary register, and balance consulting, etc. IC card operation companies can manage value-recharge related business through back office management system, e.g. order monitoring, inquiry, value recharge statements, transaction reconciliation and so on.

  • Value recharge functions
  • NFC Value Recharge: IC card value recharge can be realized through the mobile phone with NFC functions;
  • Card Number Recharge: The value recharge can be accomplished through inputting the card number, the complementary register operation or NFC mobile phone complementary register should be done after value recharge.
  • Back Office Management
    As the maintenance platform of online recharge system, the back office management system is mainly responsible for the configuration of the parameters of online recharge system. The main functions include parameter setup, terminal management, system account reconciliation, operation management, statements management, system management, log management. The functions of back office management can be customized according to user’s specific requirement.

Features of System
  • Mobile application and payment platform;
  • Visualization management interface;
  • Satisfy public transportation user’s demand on easy recharge and easy payment;
  • Convenient and fast, safe and rapid, various payment method, low cost;
  • Relieve the IC card service supplier’s work pressure, decrease the overall service cost;

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