Public Transportation Mobile Payment System

Brief Introduction

‘Public Transportation Mobile Payment System’ is a passenger oriented service platform uniquely created for public transportation IC card enterprises. This service platform can generate QR code by relying on Mobile APP. As for passengers, they just need to show their quick response code to the onboard POS terminal to accomplish payment.

Structure of System

‘Public Transportation Mobile Payment System’ consists of account management system, barcode business system, key management system, database management system. The APP barcode display system, back office management system and payment system will be used as the management interface of barcode usage, payment and back office management.

Functions of System
  • Generation and Verification of QR Code
    The users use their mobile phone APP to generate QR Code, when they plan to take the bus, they can show the generated QR code to accomplish payment.
  • Generation and Management of Account
    Through mobile phone app, the users are able to accomplish the following operations including account registration and identification, account balance management, account information entering, etc.
  • Online Payment System
    The online payment system is responsible for wire transfer and payment. The payment, made through Alipay, Wechat, Unionpay etc., can be achieved through this system.
  • Key Management
    Through the management of the keys, it can ensure the secure transactions of the whole platform.
  • Back Office Data Management
    The back office data management system can help users to realize the following functions like: data visual management , generation and check of various records and statements, transactions reconciliation, order management/monitoring/transaction and so on.

Features of System
  • Offline QR code payment mode.
  • Support credit account system.
  • Perfect account management, including registration, value recharge, consumption, settlement, overdraw etc.
  • The complete key management system can realize the functions like: key management, signature verification on business data and so on.
  • Rich data interfaces.

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