City One-Card and Citizen Card System

Introduction of System

City one-card and citizen card system uses the IC card as carrier, a digital payment /authentication system platform can be created. It integrates with the administration application, public service application, business application and public utilities application, such as: public transportation (bus, taxi, subway and public bicycle, etc.), public services ( running water, electricity, gas and heating), parking, micro-payment, garden tourism, sanitation and library and so on. With governmental service, public service, and commercial/financial service as a whole, a developed electronic commerce system can be built up with the aim of “one card, multiple & universal use” fulfilled.

Functions of System

City one-card and citizen card system enables citizens to enjoy identity recognition and micro-payment in governmental and social services by using a piece of IC card. Meanwhile, it allows the information resource to be shared among different departments, industries and regions.
With the application of city one-card and citizen card system, it enables the IC card service to be applied in identity recognition and micro-payment fields in the city, such as medical insurance, social security, public services, public transportation, micro-payment and public utilities and the like.

Including, but not limited to, the following application fields;
  • Public Transportation Payment
    The field of Public Transportation is one of the earliest and popular application field for city one-card and citizen card system.
  • Application in medical insurance, social security and commercial insurance;
  • The management and payment of medical insurance, social security and commercial insurance can be achieved through the citizen cards. The data of citizen card system can access to the data of medical insurance, social security and commercial insurance to realize payment through the online terminal.
  • Public Utilities Payment
    The payment in the field of public utilities (water, electricity and natural gas, communication fee, cable TV, etc.) can be paid through withholding, credit card payment, online payment.
  • Micro-payment
    The advantages of micro-payment are: it is easy to carry, and it can reduce cash transaction, avoid the changes, improve the efficiency and so on.
  • Parking Lot Fare Collection
  • The Individual & Enterprise Credit Archives Management
  • Employee Attendance & Dining Management
  • The Access Control Application in Communities and Enterprises
    The citizen card and city one card system can be built together with the governmental/administrative institutions to achieve the sharing of identity information resource.
Features of System
    • Economy and Technology Feasibility
      The design of the system adopts the principle of ‘overall design and step – by – step implementation’.
    • Maturity and Progressiveness of Technology
      The system adopts the most mature and advanced technology at the moment, to make the technical system architecture to be more reasonably and advanced;
    • Openness and Scalability
      The system adopts open standard, technology, architecture, system components and user interface, and ensure each subsystem is able to implement step-by-step and easily connect, without affecting the other subsystem.
    • Reliability and Stability
      With good fault tolerant processing functions at system structure, equipment performance and software design; the main server, key network and security equipment have the fault tolerant design, with high-efficiency safeguards in the aspect of technical support and system maintenance.
    • Security and Confidentiality
      Guarantee the security and accuracy of funds and information; The system network platform architecture, transaction process, data storage and transmission all have multiple security measures; The high-efficient security measures are able to ensure the secure access and control;
    • Easy Maintenance, Convenience & Practicality
      The terminal and system all adopt the platformization & modularization design, in order to facilitate the installation, configuration, maintenance and usage;
    • The relative independence in industry sub-center
      Under the principles of uniform standard, uniform management and uniform card issuing, the central clearing management platform system retains its independence with various sub-center of each industry;

Multiple Areas Application

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