Smart Parking Management System

System Introduction

Smart Parking Management System is a total solution for urban street parking management and services. With the help of various kinds of equipment and technologies like parking management software platform, multi-function handheld POS, parking space sensing device and etc., the following functions can be realized, including: urban parking lots overall management, employees management, parking space availability monitoring, automatically calculating parking time and cost, parking space guidance and search, non-cash fare collection like contactless IC card or mobile payment, taking photos for parking, claim for unpaid parking bills, fare collection and settlement, statistics collection and analysis. The system is able to monitor and manage all the parking lots, the availability of all the parking spaces in the city, as well as all the receivables; and this system can comprehensively improve the use efficiency and increase the income of the urban street parking resources, and provide complete and convenient parking information services to all the drivers. This system also supports the closed parking lots as well.

Functions of System
  • POS Client for Fare Collection Management Staffer
    The handheld POS client can be operated on Android Smart Phone. The fare collection staffers can use POS terminal to manage the routine work like: parking place management, fare collection management, receipt printing, etc.
  • APP Client for Car Owner
    The mobile APP client is a innovation for parking payment. Users can use APP to accomplish parking application, payment and parking space search, parking guidance and information inquiry, etc. The self-service mode will greatly decrease the operation cost.
  • Portal Web Platform for Car Owner
    Portal Web is a service platform for car owners. Through this web, all users can accomplish the following operations such as: parking application, value recharge, payment, information inquiry, parking space search and navigation, and gaining parking information, etc.
  • A cloud platform for supervision
    As a command center for roadside management, this management platform is mainly responsible for parking device management, transaction handling, liquidation & settlement, customer service, statistics statements, etc. It can also link the management platform in ‘Traffic Management Command Center’ and ‘Traffic Police Department’ to realize data interchange and sharing.

Front-end Equipment

Parking Lot Example

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