Public Transportation Intelligent Dispatch System

Introduction of System

Based on the GIS electronic map, GPS/BDS satellite positioning, 4G/3G/2G mobile communication technologies, public transportation intelligent dispatch system collects the information of operating buses’ positions and status, and automatically schedules and implements the buses operation plans, in order to realize the real time surveillance of the buses operation status and achieve the real time dispatch and command of the operating buses. In order to satisfy customer’s demand on movable work, a newly developed APP named ‘TCPS Dispatch System APP’ was released, the purpose is to help public transport companies to realize vehicle dispatching through Mobile APP.

The system provides precisely electronic management and evaluation measures for the public transportation enterprises’ operation, dispatch and management; the operation efficiency and services can be improved as well.

Structure of System

Functions of System
  • Design, generation and management of bus route and stations;
  • Design, generation and management of route operation and dispatching plan;
  • Design, generation and management of vehicle and driver scheduling;
  • Real-time vehicle tracking and monitoring through GPS;
  • Recording and check of vehicle operation track;
  • Multiple data sources wireless data transmission through 2G/3G/4G in real-time;
  • Abnormal operation alarming, e.g. over-speed, offline, non-punctuality;
  • Dispatching information publishing and voice calls management;
  • Graphical GIS scene dispatching platform;
  • Complementary operation between intelligent dispatch and manual adjustment;
  • Comprehensive analysis on vehicle operation trips, vehicle punctuality/non-punctuality, operation mileage, and non-operation mileage;
  • Big data analysis and application; public transportation network planning; optimal decision and analysis of scheduling plan;
  • Service information publishing.
  • Mobile Intelligent Dispatch APP.
Features of System
  • Advanced role privileges and line privileges mechanism can be flexibly applied in centralized/decentralized management scene;
  • Advanced B/S software architecture design, reliable security and easy maintenance;
  • Free options of WEB GIS , MAPINFO and web map;
  • High advancement, practicability, accuracy, scalability and maintainability;
  • Design & generation of operation planning and scheduling implementation;
  • Multi-level intelligent dispatching platform based on GIS;
  • Real-time video forwarding & broadcasting technology;
  • The system has high stability and anti-interference design;
  • The data transmission adopts CAN bus connection, ensure the scalability connection with automatic station announcer, passenger counter and IC card validator;
  • This mobile intelligent dispatch APP supports both IOS and Android operation system, can realize the following functions including: information management, check the alarm information and operation data, real-time monitoring, data inquiry and statements analysis, module configuration, etc.

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