Public Transportation Enterprise Management ERP System

Introduction of System

Public Transportation Enterprise Management ERP System is a complete set of information management system, with which the data relating to enterprise management and operation can be generated, collected, stored , and analyzed. It will enable bus company leaders and each department to receive the enterprise management and operation related data in time, including the information of buses, lines, fleets, subsidiaries income, fuels consumption, operation mileages, materials costs, vehicle maintenance and management, tyre and battery, buses operation plan, employees management, employees’ salary and vehicle security and etc. After comprehensive statistics and analysis, the overall operation benefits can be calculated based on “unit vehicle accounting”, a decision-making support for operation & management of the company can be provided.

Functions of System
  • Staff Management
    The Public Transportation ERP management system is able to help enterprises to establish a effective HR management system by which the HR planning, allocation, use and management can be achieved. The functions mainly cover HR planning, employee recruitment, new employee entry assessment, transfer, retirement, dimission, training, labor contract and resume management and the like. The final goal is to realize HR data analysis, information sharing as well as scientific management, providing a decision-making support for enterprises.
  • Attendance Management
    It is able to manage the attendance of all personnel in company such as: administrative personnel, drivers, mechanic, etc. The data of attendance can be collected, handled and analyzed, including attendance type setting, attendance plan establishment, attendance data clearing and attendance result inquiry.
  • Party & Labor Union Management
    It is able to manage the employees’ political status and party activities, including party/league and labor union organizations, party member information, leader assessment, professional titles management, honor management, demonstration line management, membership fee payment of party/league and labor union, special employee, staff frock and female employees management.
  • Salary Management
    It will realize management on the calculation and payment of internal staff’s salary in public transportation companies. By establishing a reasonable account set and incorporating operational data and index, the salary and allowance of the staff can be accurately and fast calculated, causing a reduction in manpower and improving enterprise’s vitality.
  • Vehicle Management
    It will realize management on vehicles, relative parameters and index, including vehicle type, vehicle archives, fuel quota, maintenance quota, tires and batteries, maintenance & repair plan, vehicle annual check, gas cylinder inspection, vehicle scrapping.
  • Maintenance Management
    It is able to carry out the collection, entering, statistics & analysis on each of data index regarding the maintenance & repair of vehicles, minor repair task, realize the overall management on the process of maintenance.
  • Fuel Management
    It allows the fuel information to be managed through the driver card by means of the electronic and information technology. The fuel/gas filling records can be automatically generated; the accuracy and effectiveness of data statistics can be improved; the disadvantages of manual operation can be avoided.
  • Storehouse Management
    It is able to carry out the management on storehouse, including the purchase of materials, warehouse in/out, inventory counting, inventory warning, inventory allocation, Statistics Statements.
  • Security Management
    It is able to carry out the supervision and management on security operation of the vehicles and drivers, including accident management, inspection management, vehicle sanitary, security education, security inspection, vehicle insurance.
  • Hotline Management
    It is able to register and process the hotline information. The information of praise, suggestion, complaint, consultation can be registered, reported and processed.
  • Operation Management
    It is able to carry out the collection, analysis and statistics of each of operation index of company, including route management, chartered bus management, planning management, station yard management, passenger flow survey, vehicle management, driver management, income analysis, mileage analysis, passenger flow analysis, revenue analysis, etc.
  • Comprehensive Statistics Analysis
    The comprehensive analysis & decision system mainly realize the following two functions.
    1. It realizes the functions of comprehensive information analysis and comprehensive statements inquiry, including the analysis and inquiry of mainly economy, cost, technology and service, etc. This system is also a complement to other management information system;
    2. When making the analysis on each index, system data, it is able to analyze the problem of management, find the reason of management, in order to provide support for management decisions.
Features of System
  • Overall planning, step-by-step implementation , do what is possible, seeking practical results.
  • Establish scientific & reasonable working process and management model, ensure the scientificity and practicability of the system.
  • Satisfy the requirement of public transport information, ensure the accuracy and completeness of public transport business data and index.
  • The scientific & reasonable system design and development is able to ensure the reliability and stability of system operation.
  • Follow the principle of standardization, ensure the system has better flexibility and scalability.
  • It adopts the mainstream products and advanced development technologies, ensure the scientificity and advancement of technical system and structure.
  • The detailed system and log management can ensure the security and confidentiality of system.
  • The graphic display of each index and month-on-month/year-on-year analysis enable the data analysis to be more intuitive, providing a powerful guarantee for enterprise’s decision making.

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