Onboard Video Monitoring System

Introduction of System

Onboard video monitoring system is able to carry out the real time monitoring in several channels on both inside and outside of the bus. The audio and video information in the bus operation can be recorded automatically. The system adopts digital processing, and has strong anti-shaking capability; the video can be uploaded in real time and can be stored for long time. This system can help the public transportation company to supervise the buses, and the service quality can be improved as well. It enhances the company management and makes the bus operation more secure. If there is any accident happened, the system is able to provide convincing evidences and help to define the responsibilities.

MDVR (Mobile Digital Video Recorders)
Product Introduction

MDVR is a digital device with high price ratio and better scalability, specially developed for on board video monitoring and intelligent dispatch. It adopts high-speed processor and embedded OS, and incorporates the most advanced technologies including H.264 video compression/decompression, network and GPS positioning, etc. This device can realize functions such as recording of videos with format CIF, HD1 and D1, recording of vehicle running information, wireless transmission, and associate the central software to realize central monitoring, remote management and replay analysis. The modular design of this product makes it easily to be installed and maintained.

Features of System
  • Local recording and replay: with resolution D1/HD1/CIF optional;
  • Recording function upon vehicle running: including the recording of vehicle speed, vehicle turning, vehicle braking, vehicle reversing and vehicle doors opening, etc;
  • Network Function: support for HTTP; can realize functions of remote video monitoring, video downloading, remote alarming, network calibration time, network settings and remote updating, etc;
  • High-speed backup: USB2.0 high speed backup port; support SD card recording backup;
  • User logs: opening/closing state of device, video loss, starting/stopping time of video, user login/logout, parameter modification, time calibration, station reporting and GPS state.
  • Import/export of configuration files: import/export the device parameter through USB
  • Equipment upgrading: support local and remote upgrading;
  • Alarm linkage: support linkage switch output, picture display;
  • Formatting of Memory: including the formatting of hard-disk device and external USB devices;

Features of Product:
  • Each module is connected through high-precision connectors, support rapid detachment, ensure the security and easy maintenance;
  • When failure happens on each of module, the main engine will automatically detect and alarm;
  • The shell adopts sealed waterproof design;
  • This complete system adopts comprehensive vibration reduction technology including mechanical vibration reduction, electronic vibration prevention and software anti vibration;
  • The main engine supports DC6-36V wide voltage input, used for 12Vand 24V vehicle.
  • It adopts VBR coding technology; this device is able to adapt to 3G network bandwidth dynamic changes; ensure the consistency of video stream;
  • Watermarking: Prevent data from tampering, ensure the authenticity and legal effects of video;

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