Electronic Bus Stand System

Introduction of System

E-Stand system is an important parts of public transportation intelligent dispatch system. With this system, it enables the bus-related information to be timely transmitted to the public, including the information of bus operation, lines adjustment, announcements, etc. This has significantly increased the information service for bus passengers.

Functions of System

The E-stand system mainly includes the following subsystems.

  • Stop Board Forecasting Station Subsystem: it is tightly linked with public transportation dispatching system for data interchange; it is able to independently and accurately calculate the forecasting station, and make the calculation result published and displayed on E-stand display system.
  • Video Monitoring Subsystem: The on-the-spot bus stations monitoring made by Traffic & Administrative Department is supported by video monitoring subsystem; it allows to collect the real-time image data of the bus stations, and get them stored and displayed in monitoring center; To maintain the video monitoring data periodically.
  • Multimedia Information Publishing Subsystem: this subsystem is mainly facing to the public and supporting for the commercial and public welfare activities. The information of transportation, society and commercial advertisements can be displayed on stop boards.
  • E-stand back-office observation system: This system can be applied to the inside of the stop boards, used for monitoring the operating status of each electronic device in stop boards. The information obtained through monitoring can be transmitted to monitoring center through wireless/wired communication. It realizes the remote monitoring on work status of each device, fast fault maintenance and treatment; Thanks to this system, the work load for on-site maintenance will be reduced, the work efficiency will be improved, the perfectness ratio of facilities of E- stand display will be improved.
  • E-stand system control platform: it realizes the analysis, calculation, publishing and management on data information required by E-stand; Status monitoring on E- stand; Multimedia information management;

Structure of Network

Technical Specification

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